We are the Coachella Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America

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The Coachella Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America seeks to build a movement that unifies people across Coachella Valley to make meaningful change in our neighborhoods, communities, and cities throughout the desert.

By working together, we can ensure that our voices are heard. These are our values:

Health & Welfare

Medicare For All: No person—regardless of age, health, or employment status—should ever be turned down for healthcare nor be at risk of financial ruin. The Affordable Care Act has poured countless public dollars into private health insurance companies as the United States continues to spend 2x more per person than other high-income nations. Healthcare is a human right and should not be for profit.


Universal Childcare: Publicly funded childcare should be provided to all parents as a matter of human interest and for the greater benefit of society. Children should have safe and healthy environments while parents and family are able to work, engage in civic duties, and pursue further education and opportunity.

Labor Rights

Safe Working Conditions: As the Covid-19 pandemic persists, many businesses are reopening with no plan or commitments to their workers to ensure their safety. Businesses should be required to protect workers and supply all necessary personal protective equipment to keep them healthy and safe.

Labor Organization: We are strong advocates for unions in the workplace. Unions protect workers, fight for safer working conditions, negotiate for better pay and benefits, and provide a better standard of living. Male union workers make 12% more and female union workers make 18% more on average compared to their non-union counterparts.



Universal Education: The foundation of a better society is based on the availability and accessibility of universal education. Providing publicly funded universities and trade schools that are free to all citizens builds a foundation of opportunity and a better informed electorate. In recent decades, tuition costs have soared and are increasing almost 8x faster than wages. It is time to fund universal education for all.


Erase All Student Debt: Our for-profit education system has burdened countless students and graduates with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that on average takes a person close to 20 years to pay off. Aspiring students should be focused on learning, not crushing debt.



Green New Deal: Climate change—the biggest threat to our existence—demands immediate action. America needs to invest in clean energy technology like solar and wind generated power as well as invest in training American workers for green industry jobs. Support for a green economy starts here.

Salton Sea Rehabilitation: The Salton Sea is an environmental hazard and requires immediate action. It's continual evaporation is exposing citizens to carcinogens and toxic chemicals that will spread to all parts of the desert as air quality becomes an increasing threat to our health. We need to protect the environment and people from ecological collapse.